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Cgoodsteel precision steel strip

We are one of the leading manufacturer in China of precision steel strip and steel coil, processing high carbon steel strip (C45-C75-C95) and alloy steel strip (75Cr1, 51CrV4, 50CrV4, D6A, 60Si2Mn etc) in special heat treatment including hardened and tempered conditions and cold rolled annealed condtions.
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 Cgoodsteel precision steel strip


Guangzhou Cgood Steel Co., Ltd produces hardened and tempered precesion steel strip and cold rolled annealed precision steel strip with superior quality.


Business lines  hardened and tempered & annealed steel strips/coils/sheet

67s, c70s, c75s ,c80s,c85s,c90s,c95s high carbon spring steel strip

c45s,c50s, c55s, c60s medium carbon steel strip

50CrV4, 51CrV4, 60Si2Mn,50CrNiMoV alloy steel strip

AISI420 stainless steel strip

75Cr1,75Ni8,D6A,X32,M42,68CrNiMo steel strip

S35E,S355MC,16MnCr5,S550MC steel strip

Supply capacities around 15000 tons per year

first-rate crude materials purchase from ISO certificated state-own enterprise to
guarantee superior quality
Experience and expertise many years makes us more outstanding in the competitior

Strip Steel Production Specification range(mm) 0.10-5.0*10-1250mm


Product Name



hardened and tempered steel strips / coils / sheet / plate

cold rolled annealed steel strips / coils / sheet / plate

spring steel strips / coils / sheet / plate

high carbon steel strips / coils / sheet / plate







Steel Strip Type


coils / sheet / plate / strips



Material grade






SAE 1045 C45 CK45 C45S

SAE 1050 C50 CK50 C50S

SAE1060 C60 CK60 C60S

SAE 1065 SAE 1070 C67S CK67 C67S

SAE 1075 1074 C75 CK75 C75S

SAE 1080 C80S C100S 1095 C95 CK95 C95S

50CrV4 51CrV4 75Cr1 75NI8 SK5 60Si2Mn SK85 SK51

65G 65Mn 50# 60# T8A T10 

Stainless steel strip: AISI 420 430 201 301

Bimetal steel strip: M42 M51 / D6A X32



Hardened and tempered, annealed, cold rolled






0.10mm to 5.0mm for hardened and tempered conditions

0.10mm to 6.00mm for annealed conditons





2mm to 500mm for hardened and tempered conditions

2mm to 1250mm for annealed conditions


Surface color


nature, blue, yellow, white, black, bright, polished




below 19HRC max 180 HV for annealed  process

29-55 HRC for hardened and tempered process

21-28 HRC for cold rolled process




slit / sheared edge, round edge, square edge




rolling shutter door spring, band saw blades, steel spring, coils springs,

auto parts, metal parts, circular saw blade, hand saw, etc.



Steel strip surface


Factory Overview



Precision Steel Strip Application: