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Spring steel strip

we produce spring steel strip in heat treatment process with material c67s, c75s, c80s, which grades are similar to the following grades:
In our production, our facilities allow max 2.5mm thickness andmax  260mm width. We are the best heat - treating steel supplier in China, material,hardness, surface,size, can be made according to your request. Welcome to contact us at any time for any enquiry.
Spring steel strip
Spring steel strip with high carbon content over 0.6%, has great flexibility and won`t be easily deformed or brittle. Spring steel can be manufactured through two heat treatment process. One production method is hardening(quenching) and tempered. When material passes hardening process, the steel abtain high yeild strength and at this process, the steel is brittle and at the risk of breaking in use. It has to go througth tempered process to remove the stress to increase its tenacity. During tempered process, the presence of oxide film causes the coloring of the surface, such as blue, yellow, brown, bright ect. Spring steel strip, after quenching and tempering process, is suitable for making rolling shutter spring, trowel, spatula, scraper, saw blade, measuring tool,etc. The other heating treating process is annealing process,which puts steel strips inside controlled atmosphere furnace to reduce the stress caused during cold rolling or uneven cooling.Steel strip with annealing process, is soft and applied to bending,stamping and forming,such as spring clips, shoe shank, steel toe cap, kinds of springs, etc. The hardness of the steel, is required during hardened and tempered process (29-55HRC) and also annealing process (max 19HRC).
ck67 c67 cs70  sae/AISI 1070
ck75 c75 cs75 sae/AISI 1075
ck85 c85 cs85 sae/AISI 1086
hardened and tempered spring steel strip,cold rolled annealed spring steel strip, spheroidizing annealing spring steel strip,cold rolled spring steel strip, cold rolled steel strip spring steel.
We also supply other special steel materials, such as, 50CrV4, 60Si2Mn, stainless steel 420s, 430s, etc.