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What is SK5 Carbon Steel
SK5 is a carbon steel that is used for springs and makes a good knives. It could be sharpened easy as well be used as a speak without rish of breaking.
SK-5 is the Japanese equivalent of American 1080, a high carbon steel with carbon between 0.75%-0.85% and 0.60-0.90% manganese. As quenched, it has a hardness near RC65 and produces a mixture of carbon rich martensite with some small un-dissolved carbides. The excess carbide increases abrasion resistance and allows the steel to achieve an ideal balance of very good blade toughness with superior edge holding ability. Due to these characteristics, this grade of steel has been used traditionally for making a variety of hand tools, including chisels and woodcutting saws, and has stood the test of time and use over many years in many countries. Commonly, working temper for these SK5- steel knives are RC57-58.