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package development
Package development
Very active in the market economy today, any business can not do without packaging. In recent years with large, medium and small businesses`s demanding for package is fast-growning. As supporting materials, packaged with all areas of the national economy, has a broad development prospects. Packaging machinery market total demand of about 50 million, so the investment strap production, a huge market prospects.
Packing tape widely used in food, pharmaceutical, household appliances, daily chemical, light industry, electronics and other industries.
The main function of packaged with the following:
1, to prevent the contents prolapse, leakage, fugitive;
2, to prevent products subject to oxidation, corrosion, extend product life improve product value
3, to prevent the built-in merchandise is contaminated, remove or steal for theft;
4, the packaging container to enhance strength, and sometimes the role of landscaping products;
5, easy storage and handling