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Flatness Tolerance & Straightness Tolerance
Guangzhou Cgoodsteel Co., Ltd, has the leveling machine and stable heat treating facilities no matter oil tempered or metal quenching to keep good quality in flatness and straightness in strict tolerance. Each coils are tested to ensure the steel in good conditions.


Tolerance on flatness




The unflatness across the strip (also called cross camber and cross bow) is expressed as a percentage of the strip width. The unflatness along the strip, sometimes called coil-set, is also expressed as a percentage. Unless otherwise agreed upon the measuring length = the strip width for flatness measurements along and across the strip. Influence of possible residual stresses from slitting shall be excluded.
Tolerance on Straightness
Straightness deviation is specified in millimeters and defined as lateral deviation of the edge from a straight line as shown in the graphic.